mc bushkin

A veteran MC & songwriter hailing from North London, MC Bushkin made his name as one-third of legendary UK sound system, Heartless Crew. Rising to notoriety on pirate radio station, Mission 90.6 FM, their blend of old-school Jamaican vibes and UK garage fizz saw Heartless perfect a distinctly British take on the art of MCing.

In 2011, the trio split in order to pursue solo careers. MC Bushkin and DJ Fonti went on to present the F.A.B. (Fonti & Bushkin) show together on Rinse FM, with Bushkin also holding down a career as a successful solo artist and record label entrepreneur. His label, BushBash Recordings focuses on nurturing and developing young talent.

As an MC, Bushkin is still very much in-demand around the world - a testament to his hard work, focus and of course, his incredible talent.